Welcome to the Therapist Corner!   

Hello my name is Ebony Woney and I am an L.M.H.C (Licensed Mental Health Counselor).

I have over 10 years of experience in a variety of treatment settings including inpatient/outpatient substance abuse, community based services, adolescent/ family and adult.  I use a unique blend of CBT, Motivational interviewing, solution focused, and narrative therapy based approaches to help individuals, couples and families. I specialize in working with individuals struggling with anxiety and depression. As well as people struggling with transitional life issues.

Here are my 5 quick tips for improving your Mental Health.


1. Be aware of your true feelings. If you're not aware of how you truly feel about anything, it's going to be very difficult to address it and help you to feel better.


2. Self Care is a necessity, not a luxury! Everyday you are encountering things that are withdrawing things from you. Self care is you making a necessary deposit into yourself so that you don't go into the red!


3. Be intentional about who you spend time with. Some people will drain you and are not worth the energy that you expend on them. Don't allow people that don't want to see you win, make you lose!


4. Set some goals and create a plan of action. If you don't have something that you are working towards, life will seem monotonous, work. Go after the things you want in life.


5.  Invest in yourself, You're  worth it.


I can be reached via email at ebony.woney@gmail.comOr via phone at (347) 420-8267


My name is Sherri and I am the founder of Diamond Hearted Industries. 


I am the mother of three, wife of one, and master of none lol. I knew I wanted to be a therapist since high school, but becoming a teen mother derailed what I thought to be great life plans. Giving up a full-ride scholarship, I turned my focus to becoming the best wife and mother I could. Eventually, however, I went on to pursue my dreams, balancing full-time housewife duties with school. I earned a bachelor's in psychology from the University of Maryland, University College and a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling from Johns Hopkins University. 

From there I went on to work in various settings (hospital, schools, community clinics) before deciding to start my own practice. I have worked with people from various backgrounds and experiences, but my specialties are in trauma, family dynamics, relationships, substance use, depression, and anxiety. 


Sherri Joynes, LCPC
Clinical Mental Health Therapist
Diamond Hearted Industries
Office: (301) 792 - 3065
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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Call 1-800-273-8255