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Let's Talk Change with Dani P. is a podcast for individuals wanting to see change in their personal lives, the environments in which they engage, and the communities in which they abide. The podcast is a pillar of a three-pronged virtual space, in which Dani P. speaks of the complexity of change (personal, organizational, social, and more) by having conversations in a non-clinical safe space. Dani P. utilizes her social work background to add perspective while bringing in guests who are doing what some might call "the work" on the ground and who are proximate to the communities and populations of whom they serve. Topics will explore social issues, spirituality/faith, community work, the ups and downs of leadership, and more. Be prepared for the conversations that touch on the nitty-gritty of what it takes to advocate for the “change” we wish to see while celebrating the inclusivity of voices and opinions that vary from one's own perspective.