About Dani P.

Hello, I'm Danielle, but some people call me Dani, Dan, or Dani P. I'm a fellow twenty-something and was born and raised in the DMV area. I will soon begin my new career within the macro social work field, that's right, I am a macro social work guru. Well, actually, I am just getting started, but who is keeping score?

I am super excited to expand my community very soon. I am beginning a new journey in an even newer environment that will develop me into a more well-rounded macro social work practitioner. How exciting! I look forward to gaining new lessons, growing as a leader, and evolving into a person who serves with honor. I will tell you more about that journey later.  After all, community service is near and dear to my heart and is what I consider currently, my reason for being.

I love to write, talk and share my passion of advocacy, inner healing, and community work with the world. I recently graduated with my Master's of Social Work with a concentration in Macro/Clinical Social Work and a  specialization in Community Action and Social Policy. I received my MSW from the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB), which was a space where my idea to create this virtual community was birthed.

Prior to my attendance at UMB, I attended the illustrious Delaware State University, located in Dover, DE. Yes, I am also a proud HBCU Alumna as well. My passion for social work has evolved over the years. I have worked in both urban, rural and suburban communities. Although this work is my passion,  I can't do all of this successfully if I don't take the time to rest, reset and recharge. As you can see here in this picture album, going to beaches, or open bodies of water bring me much joy and peace. Whenever, I need to clear my head, I go to the water to rest, reset and recharge.

This virtual community feels like water to me. Freeing, cleansing and impactful  are a few words that come to mind whenever I connect to this space. I hope this virtual space created for changes agents like you brings you similar pleasant feelings. It is my hope that this community brings you much joy, peace and hope, so that you leave here feeling refueled and ready to change the world. 

Random Fact: I love to change my hair a lot. After all, I'm not your average "change" agent. Ha! (That was supposed to be funny).

 - Dani P.