let's talk dani P.

The Mission

To inspire, motivate and refuel change agents. 

The Vision

To create a supportive virtual space for individuals wanting to see change in their personal lives, the environments in which they engage, and the communities in which they abide. 

Call to Action

To facilitate solution-focused conversations on social issues, community work, leadership, spirituality/faith and beyond with individuals of diverse backgrounds, races, religions and professional disciplines. 


Let's Talk Change

by: Alahje the Artist 

My change takes time, but I will fight for it

I see the light and I will die for it

I can't see this pain and not try to find

Something to heal, transform and inspire

Let's talk about change

Change for us, it's the change in me

Can start a revolution

I'm finally free

Yes, this freedom is free 

It's for you and it's for me


*** Disclaimer the use of the word "revolution" in this song is intended to be symbolic of the adoption of great courage to bring about groundbreaking change in one's own life.